Monday, April 20, 2009

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Unidentified Furry Rabbits - Windows Live
I realize they want to direct people away from this area because of a UFO sighting. I look up to the night sky. There, high above, is a UFO--the mother ship--a large elegant craft, all white, with a curved bow and a squared stern. ...
Dream Steps - a Bloneironic -
Weekly Sighting Reports-04-16-09
Current UFO sighting reports for the week ending 04-16-09. UFOs / Aliens: What's Hot Now -
New games and UFO sighting XDDDD « Sara08's blog!
By saradacazmoqueen
I will even prove it to you. And extraudinary, a UFO sighting! I will prove it to you once more. 001. Oh and there is also a new deal for cazmo cash, 60 for $3. Anyways, laterz and remember to always be on Planet Camzo. ~Sara08~ ...
Sara08's blog! -
UFO Sighting: Milford, Delaware; May 13, 2008 @ My UFO Blog
By LouiZoot
UFO Sighting: Milford, Delaware; May 13, 2008. Posted on April 18th, 2009 LouiZoot No comments. Name: David. Date of Event: 5/13/2008 8:45pm. Location of Event: off of 113 on the right heading towards milford from Dover ...
My UFO Blog -
Through Alien Eyes!
I was listening to a conversation when an obnoxious fake laugh followed by a belittling comment lifted loudly over the conversation concerning a comment someone made about a recent UFO sighting recently seen over the ocean.
UFO and Paranormal News -

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