Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Nethy man spots UFO
Strathspey Herald - Inverness,Scotland,UK
The man was keen to go public with his UFO sighting in the hope that it had been seen by others or so that a rational explanation could be given for the ...

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UFO Sighting: West Hartford, Connecticut; May 28, 2008 @ My UFO Blog
By LouiZoot
UFO Sighting: West Hartford, Connecticut; May 28, 2008. Posted on April 22nd, 2009 LouiZoot No comments. Name: pamela .k. Date of Event: 5/28/08 approximately 950pm. Location of Event: west hartford and hartford ct ...
My UFO Blog -
Signs of the Times News for Wed, 22 Apr 2009
US: UFO sighting reported from a retired air traffic controller in Texas; latest reports. Print. UFO 2. Richard Sanner Pittsburgh UFO Examiner Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:17 UTC. Fredericksburg, Texas - 4/21/2009 ...
Signs of the Times -
Filer's Files #17 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell says: Man is not alone ...
By admin
This is the second UFO sighting I have had in the last week Thanks to MUFON CMS. West Virginia — Short Cylinder or Oval. PAW PAW — My friend and I were star gazing at around 4:30 AM, about nine miles outside town when we noticed a point ...
Unexplained Mysteries :: Disinformation in Ufology
A magazine editor named Ray Palmer sent Kenneth Arnold (who had his famous ufo sighting on June twenty fourth of 1947) to investigate, and then the strangeness level went off the charts. Crisman turned out to be a former member of the ...
Unexplained Mysteries -
Lyrids Meteor Shower, Obama's X-File Politics « Ahrcanum "ahR-Kah ...
By ahrcanum
Moreover, he was the only president on record to actually file a UFO sighting report related to his sighting. Thirdly, on at least one occasion while campaigning for president, Carter declared that, if elected, he would "make every ...
Ahrcanum "ahR-Kah-noom" > secret secrets -

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