Monday, February 23, 2009

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A Map of UFO Sighting Hot Spots in America
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
In fact, several regions close to special use airspace have high UFO sighting rates. Popular Mechanics speculates that other areas, like tiny Westmoreland ...
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» Twitter Updates for 2009-02-22 » Roswell UFOs
By admin
... Is A UFO/ET Policy War Imminent? #; Re: How Privite Bank-Controled US Government Works Re: Open Letter To Stiglipz: IME Has Lost Control Of World Ecomomy #; UFO sighting reported in Wadena … ...
Roswell UFOs -
UFOMystic » Talking About UFOs With Friends
He also described a spectacular UFO sighting he experienced on the California coast many years ago. I couldn't explain it. The problem with the "high probability" line of reasoning is that it uses an assumption as a proof (or near as ...
UFOMystic -
The Earth is being attacked by UFOs and Saskatoon's Future ...
By admin
About a year ago, for instance, there was a small own in Saskatchewan that was reported as being the UFO Sighting Capital of Canada. It seems that there were something like 42 sightings in this one town. Remarkable. ...
Rambling Dave Scharf -
Ghostlycast: blogging and podcasting the paranormal, aliens, ghost ...
By robert
... investigators paranormal movie paranormal radio Phoen-X Paranormal Research and Investigation return to babylon salem self morphing Southern Paranormal Researchers spirits UFO ufology ufo sighting UK uk ufo unsolved mysteries yeti ...
GhostlyCast -
Britian's Roswell - The Rendlesham Forest Incident · Alien ...
By admin
In this UFO sighting video about The Rendlesham Forest Incident, John Burroughs, talks about the light in the sky involving a series of different colored lights. The soliders rushed back and got help from other soldiers who came out to ...
Alien Abductions and Sightings -

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