Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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South Africa: UFO dazzles commuters
Allnewsweb.com - Sydney,NSW,Australia
By Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com Well known South African topical and current affairs show has reported a UFO sighting witnessed by at least a dozen ...

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A Map of UFO Sighting Hot Spots in America ~ Anomaly Blog
By Kelly
That might mean residents are more likely to see unexplained things zooming across the skies and report them. In fact, several regions close to special use airspace have high UFO sighting rates. Popular Mechanics speculates that other ...
Anomaly Blog - http://anomalyblog.blogspot.com/
magic pop ufos: Modern Ufology
By Daily Mael
UFO Magazine · UFO Evidence · UFO Digest · UFO Casebook (forums) · UFO Blog · Republic Magazine · NUFORC - UFO Sighting Reporting Center · MUFON · Indie 103.1 · Google News · Drudge Report · Disinformation (Podcasts! ...
magic pop ufos - http://magicpopufos.blogspot.com/
The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas - Exopolitics, Paranormal ...
By noreply@blogger.com (The Veritas Show)
Latest UFO sighting over Stephenville Texas 2009. ... Triangle UFO over Pasco County Florida · Sgt. Clifford Stone Confirmed: February 20, 2009 · Paola Harris Interviews Clifford Stone. Controversy heats up over the size of a newly disc ...
The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas... - http://veritasshow.blogspot.com/
Cryptomundo » What Was The Mystery Body?
Although I agree they would probably not follow up on the identification of the animal body in this case, your analogy to a UFO sighting is way off. If a UFO was eventually identified as something mundane, you better believe they would ...
Comments for Cryptomundo - http://www.cryptomundo.com/
By Atrueoriginall
UFO Stalker - UFO Sighting - Cordova, TN · UFO With Rolls Of Lights North Of Plano, Illinois · Miamisburg, Dayton Ohio Lights Running Around UFO · West Paterson, New Jersey Bright Light ...
ALIEN CASEBOOK 'FRINGE' - http://aliencasebookfringe.blogspot.com/

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