Friday, February 27, 2009

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Korea Herald - Seoul,South Korea
The term "flying saucer" came about *as a result of the first famous UFO sighting. In 1947, while flying his small plane, Kenneth Arnold claimed to have ...

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Clic Automobile Shipping Enclosed Car Transport New York - Video
By aku13602
Norwegian Dawn hit by a Freak wave 7 floors high.on a 7 days cruise from New York city when it was headed back to New York they arrived in the midd... Affiliate Submitter: worldcruiser12 More People & Stories · UFO Sighting - New York- ...
Metacafe - New Videos -
Unexplained Mysteries :: Giant UFO sighted over Russia
Another UFO sighting linked to turbine incident. A woman from Cotmanhay is convinced she saw a UFO on the same night as one was reported to have crashed in... View all news stories in this category ...
Unexplained Mysteries -
Filer's Files #09 UFO Reports |
By admin
Louisiana — UFO Sighting. HAMMOND — I went out on my back deck on January 18, 2009, about 8 PM, and above the tree line I could see a very bright round object in the sky. It was round, but changed shape to linear then V shape with ...
UFOMystic » UFO Disclosure On The Horizon
By Greg Bishop
UFO Disclosure Imminent (Not) »: Charlotte UFO Sighting »: A Fortean Interview »: UFO Gigging »: Cash-Landrum in the News »: Platform For UFO Disclosure »: UFOs Over Turkey? » Contribute Your Comment. You must be logged in to post a ...
UFOMystic -
Can we Prove Immortality?
By Timon Weller
Yantra Magic Squares on Occult Symbol - The Shri Yantra · Topics about Music » Latest UFO Sighting - Stephenville Texas Area on Latest UFO Sighting - Stephenville Texas Area · Where do you think UFO's come from. ...
The Occult Blogger -

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