Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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Florida UFOs: Argentina: Massive UFO event, hundreds of witnesses
By worldufospace
British UFO reports from 2008 released · UFO sighting by police officer · Roswell Alien Sightings · Mysterious objects reported in skies · TRIANGLE UFO? FOX 13 OVER PASCO COUNTY FLORIDA · Gulf Breeze UFOs back in television spotlight ...
Florida UFOs - http://floridaufos.blogspot.com/
UFO Filmed Over Volcano Eruption
By Dean
New 2009 Stephenville, Texas UFO Sighting · ► Feb 01 (2). 6 Great Tips For Spotting UFOs · Obama Is A New World Order Puppet · ► January (3). ► Jan 31 (1). 3000 UFOs Summoned Over New York City ...
KindaStrange: UFOs|Consciousness|NWO|... - http://www.kindastrange.net/
Brazil-Alien | UFO,Latest UFO videos,UFO Sighting,UFO,Aliens Pictures,
By noreply@blogger.com (UFO Blogger)
Get Latest UFO News Updates and UFO Sighting report in Real Time on Best UFO Site 2009 !! As ranked by google. Subscribe to UFO Blogger Via Email. For Best UFO Blogger Experience Browse us in FireFox Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button ...
UFO Blogger : Uncover The UFO Truth - http://ufoblogger.blogspot.com/
The Debris Field: Aliens: A Map of UFO Sighting Hot Spots in America
By LesleyinNM@gmail.com (Lesley)
Fresh ufo and paranormal news crashing daily. Monday, February 23, 2009. Aliens: A Map of UFO Sighting Hot Spots in America · Aliens: A Map of UFO Sighting Hot Spots in America. Posted by Lesley at 12:06:00 AM. Labels: ufos. 0 comments: ...
The Debris Field - http://thedebrisfield.blogspot.com/
U.F.O.'s - Starseeds.Net
14-1-2009 Indonesia: Another UFO spotted over a lake by multiple witnesses Special report by Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com Recently we reported a UFO sighting in Argentina involving a n... Tagged: E.T., UFO, Extraterrestrials, ...
Latest Activity on Starseeds.Net - http://childrenofthestars.ning.com/

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UFO Hotspots Map - How to Report a UFO Sighting - Popular Mechanics
Feb 20, 2009 ... Where is UFO country? PM went to the Center for UFO Studies' database to find out where the top counties for UFO spotting reside.

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