Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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Prof talks UFO science
McGill Daily - Montreal,Quebec,Canada
According to Donderi, the first widely publicized UFO sighting occured in 1947. Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot from Idaho, saw what he later described as ...

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Finally, the Truth About Ufo's
By Mysterian
Those who remember this happening still believe that there was evidence that pointed to the fact that this UFO sighting in Roswell was real and that there was without doubt, an alien aircraft that really did crash which left behind ...
Saucer Sightings: Silver Spinning UFO
By Regan Lee
Category: UFO sighting, missing time, screen memory. Location: Lorane Highway, outside of Eugene, Oregon Date: late 1980s. This is a photo of the field where Jim and I saw a silver, spinning, hovering UFO. This photo was taken a few ...
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Signs of the Times News for Mon, 16 Mar 2009
By Signs of the Times
Unexplainable sightings are not new to Lower Bucks County, Barry said, noting a well-known 1973 UFO sighting along Route 1 in Fairless Hills. "It's interesting because there is a history there," Barry said. Sightings last year include a ...
Signs of the Times -
UFOMystic » Ireland & UFOs
By Nick Redfern
She also relates a strange story of a 2002 UFO sighting which is tied to a mound in Ireland, reputed to be the burial place of the granddaughter of the Biblical Noah. This segues into a strange story of a 2005 UFO sighting at a nearby ...
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