Sunday, March 29, 2009

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The Debris Field: UFO Sighting Reports
By (Lesley)
UFO Sighting Reports · UFO Sighting Reports. Posted by Lesley at 12:18:00 AM. Labels: ufos. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). A Red Orbit Red Hot Blog. A Red Orbit Red Hot Blog ...
The Debris Field -
World UFO Update [March] updated regularly « UFO Online by dandare
By dandare " PHOTO: UFO sighting over Zadar? " zadar-ufo-2009 " She herself does not consider the unusual occurrence to be a "visitation" by aliens and knows there certainly must be a rational explanation of the phenomenon that can ...
UFO Online by dandare -
STYLITES IN BEIJING » LEON lands, UFOs at Fashion Week, and other News
By stylites
At China Fashion Week, designer Jiang Zhou drew inspiration from a recent UFO sighting. Some interesting comments on that at the gadget blog. That designer was part of an International Young Fashion Designer competition for the Hempel ...
By Frank Warren
MUFON Investigates more Erath County UFO Sighting Reports · Did Walmart Security Cameras Capture Images of Stephenville UFO? 'Stephenville' Investigator's Report · Stephenville UFO: The Initial Reports ...

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