Thursday, March 19, 2009

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UFO Spotted Over China - USA
By Elaine Chow , 11:45 PM on Wed Mar 18 2009, 2496 views Chinese officials have reported a UFO sighting while they were on an airplane and, in case anyone ...

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Unexplained Mysteries :: The top 5 UFO hoaxes
Another UFO sighting linked to turbine incident · Firefighters film UFO in China · Chinese lanterns or UFO disinformation ? Briefing Obama on UFOs and alien life · Falcon Lake UFO activity continues · Multiple UFOs sighted in Argentina ...
Unexplained Mysteries -
Chinese officials spot UFO in Nanjing - Shanghaiist: News, Music ...
By Elaine Chow
But about five minutes later, another plane did appear and everyone agreed that the unidentified object they'd just seen looked nothing like it. Altogether, the UFO sighting lasted about a minute. Source: Xinhua. Also posted on Gizmodo ...
Shanghaiist -
UFO's Over Earth: Movies & TV | Love Online Video
By admin
MUFON - the Mutual UFO Network - using the tools of science, psychology and law enforcement, investigate a case that's grown far beyond its initial UFO sighting. Chris Bledsoe, the key witness in the event, undergoes hypnosis and ...
Love Online Video -
Do you think we'll meet intelligent extraterrestrials within the ...
By paranominal
People watch many many hours of TV per week and the consistent message in the flickering reality of the small screen is that being party to a ufo sighting confers instant celebrity, popularity and perhaps wealth. ...
Paranominal -
Air Force Tracking UFOs | MUFON Of N.J.
By admin
The fundamental fact confronting us is the existence of a thousand UFO sighting reports each month. Some of these reports may be fraudulent, but most MUFON investigators have concluded that the majority of the reports are quite valid. ...

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