Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Was 'burning fireball' in the sky a UFO?
Basildon Recorder - UK
The incident comes just a few weeks after another eerie sighting was made in ... see the strange lights on Friday, or have you made a UFO sighting recently? ...
UFO In Her Eyes
UFO In Her Eyes is on alien territory
Metro - London,UK
UFO In Her Eyes pushes the idea again, this time in the format of a state security investigation following a UFO sighting by a peasant in Silver Hill ...
Breaking news: UFO seen by many Chinese officials on flight, photos - Sydney,NSW,Australia
The Xinhua News Agency, the official government press agency of the Peoples Republic of China, recently reported on a UFO sighting made by a number of ...
Maiden Voyagers a success
Great Falls Tribune - Great Falls,MT,USA
The Great Falls Baseball Club changed the team's nickname in reference to a reported UFO sighting on Aug. 15, 1950, at Centene Stadium, then called Legion ...

Google Blogs Alert for: "ufo sighting"

Octopus Confessional: Return of the Otters: But Don't Tell Anybody
By Regan Lee
Silver Spinning UFO - Category: UFO sighting, missing time, screen memory Location: Lorane Highway, outside of Eugene, Oregon Date: late 1980s This is a photo of the field where... 1 day ago ...
Octopus Confessional -
Conspirama - UFOMystic » UFO Hacking Latest
By freakboy
Latest UFO Sighting Reports for August 18, 2008 · UFO Hacker Latest · Know Your UFO Structures: Bel-Air's Latest · Latest UFO news · Latest October 14 UFO update,2008,usa · UFO Hacker: Latest ...
Conspirama / Published News -
Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder: Professor Talks UFO Science
By Grant Lawrence
According to Donderi, the first widely publicized UFO sighting occured in 1947. Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot from Idaho, saw what he later described as "bright, saucer-like objects" flying in the air. Arnold tried to approach the ...
Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder -
Posthuman Blues: The Malstrom AFB UFO case
By Mac
Everyone I know has had a UFO sighting except me .... Spelunking the psyche · "Nightswimming" · The mind's eye · Do kidney patients dream of transgenic sheep? The latest from Centauri Dreams · "Famous Monster" · Missing time ...
Posthuman Blues -
Whales In Space » Blog Archive » UFOs Photographed Over London
By Zorg
UFOs Photographed Over London · UFO Over Holland Michigan · South African UFO Sighting · 2009 South American UFO Round Up · Wisconsin UFO Video · Now Mystery Booms Heard In New York · Multiple UFO Sightings Over Pennsylvania ...
Whales In Space -

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