Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Pics of UFO Sighting! |
By liz
Red Alert: There's been another UFO sighting! Several people called authorities yesterday in Arizona and Mexico about a mysterious bubble floating. -
Balloon or UFO? |
By TMZ Staff
How come every "UFO" sighting is in New Mexico or Arizona?? I'm in Texas, I wanna be part of this hsyterical!! But that picture is a balloon!! C'mon People, get serious!! Posted at 11:13AM on May 19th 2009 by cantrell ... -
Near Heathrow Airport-9th January 2009 | UK UFO Sightings
By Editor
…………Report a UFO Sighting. Latest UFO News and Sightings from around the UK and USA. Home · Submit Sighting · UFO Store · Contact Us · Useful Links · Privacy Policy · Near Heathrow Airport-9th January 2009. May.18, 2009 in London ...
UK UFO Sightings - Another UFO Sighting in AZ?
By Big Chatter
AZ residents from Scottsdale to Sedona reported a UFO sighting yesterday afternoon. The object was identified later Monday night to be a helium research balloon owned by the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility out of Texas. ... -
China: UFO or unlucky bug? - | UFO News Watch ...
By UFO News Watch, Australia The following video of an alleged UFO sighting took place in the city of Shijianzhuang, the capital city of the Hebei province. Apparently a number of commuters were walking to their places of work when they ...
UFO News Watch - Updated Headline... -

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UFO sighting last nightvideo Yahoo Answers
i saw a ufo last night and i gota video to prove i…
Mystery solved: Object in sky identified
Mystery solved: Object in sky identified, UFO sighted from Scottsdale to Sedona.

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