Sunday, May 31, 2009

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Weekly Sighting Reports - 05-28-09
UFO sighting reports for the week ending 05-28-09. UFOs / Aliens: Most... -
CNN Larry King Live - UFOs: Are They for Real? . Part 3-4 | UFO ...
By admin
Fife Symington, the former governor of Arizona, who in 1997 ridiculed a UFO sighting by thousands of people in the state and later admitted that he himself saw a craft. James Fox, the filmmaker who is the executive producer of the ...
UFO Secret Report -
Please share your UFO story here, page 1
By Piranha
Please, feel free to submit links to other threads, possibly yours or other members, relating to a UFO sighting or Alien experience. And please, NO skeptics telling us we are all crazy and delusional. This is a thread for the ones who ... Top Topics -
A Philosphy of Migration: fire in the sky
By chaska
Chilca is a very famous hub of UFO activity in Peru. Read a little about it here! In Peru, 50% of the population has either witnessed a UFO sighting or know someone who has! We're talking; approximately 15 million people. ...
A Philosphy of Migration -
Who do you trust on Ufos? The Government or our Astronauts ? - The ...
By realufos
Having flown to the Moon for several hours, the crew reported that some "shining balls" were on the heels of the spaceship. NASA Astronauts and UFO Sightings Many quotes from astronauts sighting UFOs. Have US Astronauts Seen UFOs? ...
The Best Real UFO videos & news... -

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