Saturday, May 23, 2009

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Ordinary Bay Area residents share moments in history
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
... probed the couple on Tuesday at their home, culling stories about the local milkman, battling housing bias and a neighbor's professed UFO sighting. ...

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The Debris Field: MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed
By Lesley
Fresh ufo and paranormal news crashing daily. Saturday, May 23, 2009. MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed · UFO Examiner: MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed. Posted by Lesley at 12:14:00 AM. Labels: ufos. 0 comments: ...
The Debris Field -
UFOlogy UK : UFO UK NEWS SINCE 1999 » Blog Archive » Weekly ...
By ufologyuk
Recent Posts. MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed - · Incredible Encounter with a Feeding UFO or Something Far More … - UFODigest · The Culture of Lies · Reviewing the Shadow People · Weekly Sighting Reports ...
Welcome to WebeUfoBelievers! Through Adversity to the stars we ...
By WebeUFObelievers
The Famous Triangular UFO Sighting in Arizona, The Funny Side Of The 14th Oct 2008, The Gurkha Justice Campaign, The Highly Strange Alien Phenomenom in Europe, The Hudson Valley UFO, The Hutchison Effect and UFOs Radio Interview ...
Webeufobelievers -
Welcome to South Austin: South Austin UFO Report
By Mike Carlson
7 F16 fighters where scrambled shortly after the sighting, they claimed it was training, all i can say is, that was probably my first real UFO sighting in the sense that it was truly unidentified and could not compare it to anything i ...
Welcome to South Austin -

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UFO Sighting Reports from the UK
UFO Sighting Reports from the UK. Thursday May 21 2009. This week we will take a look at some sightings from Great Britain We have four reports and I think ...

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