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Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Movie (1958): Allison Hayes, William ...
They see an opportunity in Nancy's alleged UFO sighting and the 30-foot tall alien who had accompanied the sphere. Summoning Dr. Cushing, they hope to have Nancy recommitted to the sanitarium for treatment of her alcoholism. ...
Suite101: Film & TV Articles -
Are we Alone in the Universe?
Example 1 - involved an extremely haunting UFO sighting which has well stood the test of time. It took place in the Piney Woods of Texas, near the town of Huffman. On the chilly night of December 29.1980, two women and one child ... - Article Marketing... -
Signs of the Times News for Tue, 26 May 2009
Spalding is possibly becoming the English version of Roswell after a resident reported yet another UFO sighting. A strange, football-shaped phenomenon emitting an orange light was spotted flying eerily above the Queen's Road area at ...
Signs of the Times -
UFOlogy UK : UFO UK NEWS SINCE 1999 » Blog Archive » Spalding ...
By ufo sighting - Google News
Latest UFO sighting revealed. Spalding Today, UK Mr Pickering's sighting is the latest in a long line of UFO claims from Spalding residents. Just two weeks before, orange lights were seen flying over the Patriot Close area of Spalding, ...
UFO Evidence in an American Reservoir. Alan W. Sharp | MAGONIA
By johnr
Neither of these authors offers any explanation for the UFO sighting which the two friends Mr C and Mr S, then made as they approached the first bridge across the lake. The case is presented as yet another mysterious item of alleged UFO ...

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