Friday, May 22, 2009

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Virginia Tech Massacre
Courthouse News Service - Pasadena,CA,USA
The head of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy demands that the CIA produce documents about a UFO sighting on Nov. 17, 1986, in DC Federal Court. ...
MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed - USA
The second theory is that the sighting is an Unknown - Other - of UFO. "The possibility that the witnesses may have seen an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) ...

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The Debris Field: UFO Sighting Reports from the UK
By Lesley
Blog Blips. Land of Enchantment · APD releases composite of 'Baby Angel'. 1 hour ago. Cryptomundo · Does Bigfoot Have A Language? 2 hours ago. Oregon L.O.W.F.I · Chemtrails A-Go-G0. 2 hours ago ...
The Debris Field -
Signs of the Times News for Thu, 21 May 2009
By Signs of the Times
It may be a mystery hum US: MUFON: New Jersey UFO sighting case closed England: Lowton, Cheshire/Leigh, Lancashire - Large, Oyster-Shaped, Fiery Object England: Nuneaton, Attleborough - A Black to Silvery Object England: Minister Way, ...
Signs of the Times -
LM in Wonderland -
By LM in Wonderland
Andre thinks he is going to see a UFO sighting. The lady in the cafe told him that she counts anything without wings as a UFO. Apparently they also have detectors, so they can hear everything you say on the road to the Area 51 ...
LM in Wonderland -
UFO Sighting Reports from the UK | UFO News Watch - Updated ...
By charles
This week, we will take a look at some sightings from Great Britain. We have four reports, and I think you will find them interesting. I received all of them...
UFO News Watch - Updated Headline... -

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io9 - Last Week's UFO Sighting at Giza Pyramid Set to Hippie Music ...
Apr 29, 2009 ... Really, doesn't cliched music from the 1960s make every UFO sighting more believable? The bright green lettering, helpfully explaining the ...
UFO sighting last nightVIDEO Yahoo Answers
i saw a UFO last night now im not saying its alien…

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