Monday, June 8, 2009

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Staerkel Planetarium show debunks "Bad Astronomy"
Daily Illini - Champaign,IL,USA
In another so-called UFO sighting, a pilot of a NASA spacecraft mistook nine ducks flying through the sky as UFOs. Dispersed between segments in the ...

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Lightning occurred during UFO sighting over Romania. | UFO,Latest ...
By UFO Blogger
Lightning occurred during UFO sighting over Romania. One of UFO Blogger regular reader mailed us down below Romania News channel UFO report News coverage video. Where you could clearly saw Lightning occurred duringUFO sighting. ...
UFO,Latest UFO videos,UFO Sighting,UF... -
Conspirama - Film takes closer look at African UFO 'Sighting ...
By cusor
All things strange, weird and slightly unimportant. An examination of UFO's, paranormal activity, ghosts and unexplained phenomena. ... Film takes closer look at African UFO 'Sighting' - Boston Herald ...
Conspirama / Published News -
Another USA UFO Sighting Report | UK UFO Sightings
By Editor
Location of Sighting: Detroit, MI, USA Date of Sighting: June 7, 2009 Time: 1:11 AM Witness Name: Kristine Witness Statement: I was looking out my window.
UK UFO Sightings -
UFO sightings in the movie "Jaws"
The object that appears in this fisrt tape (First UFO Sighting in the film "Jaws") from as it is noticed in the images "a" and "b" it clearly passes behind the actors and boat therefore it can't be a joke of the camera, besides it is ...
UFO and Paranormal News -
New Australian ufo Video, page 1
By ocker
Nice one dude! I can't rule out a man made craft due to it's speed, but it does appear to change shape like you mentioned. And thanks to karl 12 for the additional sources. Here's a video doco on the UFO sighting 30/12/95 you mentioned. ... Top Topics -

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