Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Dave Hodrien: Sedgley UFO Report Update
By Dave Hodrien
I sent off a Freedom Of Information request asking the MOD about the military jets that the witness said he saw shortly after his UFO sighting. They recently got back to me with their reply, I've updated the report with a new section ...
Dave Hodrien -
UFO Forums - UFO Sighting: 2007 - The Book Of THoTH
By (entity)
UFO sighting: 2007,a topic from the UFO Forum. ... Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting. Alternative History. Sumerian Origin of Humans? UFO Conferences - Documentaries. Fastwalkers UFO Documentary. Spiritual. Terence Mckenna Shaman Approach to the ...
The Book of THoTH Discussion Forums -

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