Sunday, June 21, 2009

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The Paranormal Pastor: UFO in Singapore
By Pastor Swope
I stumbled upon a strange video that supposedly shows a UFO over Singapore on May17th. The report is from May 18th. There is speculation that it is sunlight reflected on jet contrails, but that just does not seem right. ...
The Paranormal Pastor -
cousin nancy: Mr. Ziffle, Roy Rogers & U.F.O.'s!
By cousin nancy
"Nance, that's our first U.F.O. sighting!" Tony said. "It's our first sighting together," I said, "but not the first one that I've seen. Remember me telling you about that one, that I saw, a few summers back, that hovered in one place, ...
cousin nancy -
Zooming the Moon at Night, Testing out my camera - Unhypnotize Forum
So I looked out my window the other night and noticed a pair of red blinking lights moving erratically side to side coming towards my house, I thought this is it, a UFO sighting. So I rushed and.
Unhypnotize Forum -
Stephenville Texas U.F.O. Sighting 2008 - Videos Area
By (George)
On January 15 2008, CNN News Covered the presence of UFO Sightings in Stephenville and its small town in Texas, Many People say they have seen these Sightings Real but The Government says its Illusion.
Funny and Cool videos - Humor Portal -
MW News | Environment | UFO Over Virginia
For only 10 minutes we may have witnessed an UFO flying over Virginia. Below you can see the video report on the UFO sighting by CNN. Embedded video from CNN.
Mutantweb -

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