Sunday, June 28, 2009

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UFO reports heating up in Kansas City area - USA
On June 16, she received the sphere UFO sighting that we believe may be the same object spotted by two different Texas witnesses and reported on in Sphere ...

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Balloch, Dunbartonshire-19th June 2009 | UK UFO Sightings
By Editor
…………Report a UFO Sighting. Latest UFO News and Sightings from around the UK and USA. Home · Submit Sighting · UFO Store · Contact Us · Useful Links · Privacy Policy · Balloch, Dunbartonshire-19th June 2009 ...
UK UFO Sightings -
UFO sighting - Modern Conspiracy
By queen_ra45
I understand that these are failry common even though I have never seen one. Has anyone had any experiences?
Modern Conspiracy -

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