Monday, June 15, 2009

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Open Question: UFO SIGHTING??????……………? « Surrey BC
By Surrey BC
Open Question: UFO SIGHTING??????……………? Hi...has anyone heard any helicopter like sound huddling over surrey bc or anywhere in BC in the past month? if anything similar please reply!! Thanks. And people who are not from Canada....have ...
Surrey BC -
The Heelers Diaries: the lights of june
By heelers
Yes folks we're approaching the third anniversary of the most widespread UFO sighting in Irish history, known to aficionados of such things as The Kilcullen Incident. On the 23rd of June 2006 at around 3am, reports began to flood in ...
The Heelers Diaries -
Canada UFO: The Last UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC UFO Research ...
By canadaufo
The Last UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC UFO Research (June 14, 2009). Posted: June 14, 2009. Release Date: June 14, 2009. HBCC UFO Research Note: Please note that this will be the final Newsletter from HBCC UFO Research. ...
Canada UFO -
The Best Evidence: Turkey's UFO is back.
By Paul
... test (1); Texas (3); Tom Van Flandern (1); TR3B (1); Triangle (1); Turkey (3); Twin Towers (1); Tyler (1); U.S (1); UFO (26); UFO Files (2); UFO Sighting (1); UK (1); unknown (4); Vegetation (1); video (1); Walnut Springs (1) ...
The Best Evidence -
Whales In Space > Recent Rocket UFO Sighting In Texas Has Happened ...
Exploring the weirdness of aliens, UFOs, exopolitics, cryptozoology, other paranormal fortean phenomenon, and ultraterrestrial activities.
Whales In Space -

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