Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Recent UFO Sightings | ALIENS AND UFOS
By admin
There was another report of a recent UFO sighting which happened on 27th February 2009. It is one of the latest UFO sightings and it took place in New Jersey. In this sighting, the witnesses saw three star shaped blinking lights which ...
UFOMystic » Swedish UFOs
By Nick Redfern
We then begin looking at some of the most famous UFO cases in Swedish history, beginning with the first documented UFO sighting from 1808. Clas provides tremendous detail on the case which saw an amazing array of strange objects ...
UFOMystic -
By Frank Warren
MUFON Investigates more Erath County UFO Sighting Reports · Did Walmart Security Cameras Capture Images of Stephenville UFO? 'Stephenville' Investigator's Report · Stephenville UFO: The Initial Reports ...

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UFO Sighting Reports from Canada
All of our sighting reports for this week come from Canada Our first one is from Oak Bluff Manitoba and relates the report of a UFO twice passing over a ...

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