Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Bruce Campbell - Middletown,NY,USA
... it just lifts off into the air; and so we sent numerous UFOs from our neighborhood, and one of them got written up in the local paper as a UFO sighting. ...

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UFO Sightings Maps – The Blog » Tribute to Michael Jackson and his ...
UFO map, UFO sighting, UFO, UFO sightings;, UFO video Alien, aliens, conspiracy.
UFO Sightings Maps - The Blog -
UFO Sighting - Unhypnotize Forum
It seems that sighting reports are beginning to really pick up now after the holiday pause, so let's take a look at some strange reports I have received recently. Four of these came from our own.
Unhypnotize Forum -
The Nazi UFO Enigma « Heidi-Lore's Musings
By heidilore
It was not invented until Kenneth Arnold used it to describe the famous multiple UFO sighting at Mt. Rainier in the USA in 1947. If these 'Flugelrads' did exist, why was there no sign of them in the conflict? The story of the Hollow ...
Heidi-Lore's Musings -
UFO sighting 04/22/2008 : Paranormal Insight
By admin
THE starting place for exploring paranormal phenomena and the unexplained, including ghosts, ghost stories, ghost photos, monsters, ESP, psychic phenomena, and more paranormal phenomena.
Paranormal Insight -
UFOArea: UFO Dogfight Remains A Mystery
The evidence material regarding the UFO sighting was confirmed to be authentic and genuine. Just a few days later, what appeared to be the same UFO was visible in a different location. The object's geometrical shape changed several ...
UFOArea News -

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