Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Hometown cheers Russell Peters
Toronto Sun - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
"You don't see white people anymore, when I see white people it's almost like a (UFO) sighting," he said before adding how that segment of society was going ...
MUFON case closed: UFO described as row of bright, rectangular windows - USA
MUFON is in receipt of your UFO Sighting report which occurred on November 1, 1963 in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I have been assigned to investigate your case ...
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UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
... video catching as it has happened in the film "Jaws" that is represented in the scene in the underlying link: First UFO Sighting in the film "Jaws". ...
The Multi-dimensional Alien
UFODigest - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
In seeking a logical explanation of the UFO and Alien, we must first begin with what we see in a typical UFO sighting. The UFO almost always appears right ...

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ghost hunters » Archive du blog » Alien UFO & The Paranormal ...
By ghosthunters
... (1)AOL Poll (1)Apocalypse (2)apparition (1)APRA (1)architecture (4)Area 51 (3)Ariel School UFO sighting (1)Arizona Ghost Hunter (1)Arkansas Paranormal Investigations (1)Armageddon (1)Art Bell (3)Arthur Clarke (1)Ashbury Coffee House ...
ghost hunters -
Tiny Olympus E-P1 picture gets the UFO sighting treatment - 1001 ...
By 1001noisycameras
A tiny little alleged picture of the Olympus E-P1 gets analyzed the same way a UFO pictures does! Are we there yet?
1001 Noisy Cameras -
The Journey of St. Laurent, Chapter 12 - Story Hack
By Bryce Beattie
The UFO sighting had caused dozens of crashes of varying seriousness all over the city. Freeways were being closed left and right. When emergency crews had a chance to help all the injured and clear the wreckage, they'd be reopened. ...
Story Hack -

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