Thursday, June 18, 2009

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UFO Sighting in Virginia?
News Channel 7 - SC,USA
He says he'd be convinced it was just smoke, it if weren't for these pictures of a similar sighting at Fort Belvoir, taken sometime in the 1950s. ...

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Connecting The Dots . . . .: Alternative History
By Stephen Cochrane
Have you ever thought how a person who lived thousands of years ago would describe a UFO sighting to people who had no idea what a UFO or an airplane was? If ancient people living in tents and clay huts really did have such experiences, ...
Connecting The Dots . . . . -
Bonnie Cashin, Circa 1957 – 1970's Rouge Purse « Aerial Royal Queen
By aerialroyalqueen
( ) Its an identified flying object, she directly verified the shape of it, and than the bottom of the UMBRA […] ...
Aerial Royal Queen -
Pat Dollard | Young Americans | Blog Archive » UFO Sighting Sends ...
By Erik Wong
UFO Sighting Sends Entire Family Home To Pray. June 17th, 2009 Posted By Erik Wong. Embedded video from CNN Video. Jihadi Killer Radio Hour · Follow Pat on Twitter. Information: June 17th, 2009: No Responses: Email This Post ...
Pat Dollard | Young Americans -
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The Best Evidence: Black ring UFO over Virginia amusement park ...
By Paul
I find it funny that they dismiss right away as being a ring of smoke from a volcano ride. Then they prove it as a true UFO sighting by saying it's identical to a 1950's sighting. Is this more proof that disclosure is upon us? ...
The Best Evidence -

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UFO Sighting Reports
Welcome to another session of UFO sighting reports In Georgia a man who saw a silver disc floating across the highway The second report is from Illinois ...
UFO Sighting Video WEWS Cleveland
UFO Sighting. Play. Video Shows Semi Smashing Pickup. Play. Artist Uses Thousands Of Pool Toys To ... UFO Sighting. Play. Caught On Camera Deer In Bedroom ...

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