Saturday, June 20, 2009

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UFO Sightings Around Vail, CO
NewsBlaze - Folsom,CA,USA
I wrote the letter to inform the public as to these UFO sighting reports in the hopes of getting more witnesses to respond. Secondly, MUFON keeps the names ...
More on King's Dominion ring UFO
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USA
Update: Apparently the more coverage the King's Dominion UFO sighting gets, the more people are confirming that the "smoke ring" is a common event caused by ...

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UFO Over Virginia
By USA Star
Tags :- ufo virginia, ufo seen for 10 minutes, ufo sighting, stei, ides fest, ufo virginia, ufo seen for 10 minutes, ufo sighting, ufo virginia, virginia ufo, 2012 kehanetleri, cross bike. चैनल: USA News | USA Today | USA Online ...
USA News | Hollywood Gossips | USA Games -
Watch UFO Over Virginia Video | Fool Blogger
By nino
I am about to show you guys the Watch UFO over virgina video, Please dont think im saying this crap is for real, im just relaying to everybody, the fact that this kind of video is spreading in virgina, This rumor of a UFO sighting over ...
Fool Blogger -
UFO over Virginia? Or Are They Just Blowing Smoke ? « The Real ...
By LeoPonceDeLeonSpitz
After all these undeniable photos and vids of our new intruders "hiding out" (more like peeking out) all over this planet, it seems strange to pay attention to this fuzzy vid of an uncertain UFO sighting at King's Dominion Amusement ...
The Real Effing Deal -
Eastbourne, East Sussex-14th June 2009 | UK UFO Sightings
By Editor
…………Report a UFO Sighting. Latest UFO News and Sightings from around the UK and USA. Home · Submit Sighting · UFO Store · Contact Us · Useful Links · Privacy Policy · Eastbourne, East Sussex-14th June 2009. Jun.19, 2009 in Sussex ...
UK UFO Sightings -
MW News | News | Nestle Cookie Dough Recall
Below you can see the video report on the UFO sighting by CNN. - Embedded video from CNN... More → · Nestle Cookie Dough Recall - AHJ reports that, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) found E. Coli Bacteria in the Nestle Cookie Dough. ...
Mutantweb -

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ufo sighting Hot News USA
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